Need A Break From Winter? Time For A Bargain Trip To Peru

Are you feeling the post-holidays blues and the days stretching away before you can travel? Winter can be a tough time and there are some good medical strategies. If you don’t spend your days outdoors you should probably be taking vitamin D. Because if you don’t ever go outside, even the greatest free drug isn’t […]

Wearing Headphones Not Just Bad For Your Ears

Image by James F Clay via Flickr

It is pretty common knowledge that wearing headphones can be bad for your hearing, especially if you don’t take the time to use volume limiting tools, but a new study now also confirms that wearing headphones can be bad for you in other ways.

The study, published […]

Elderly People Vulnerable To Coverups Of Poor Care

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A recent and shocking ProPublica article looks at a growing trend for suspicious deaths of elderly people to be ignored. Unfortunately, after elderly people pass away, overworked and underfunded coroner and medical examiner’s offices across the country are sometimes missing cases that should be examined more thoroughly or are […]

Obesity Means Lower Pay

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I’ve written before about obesity issues – mostly related to soda and diet soda (the message – even diet soda isn’t good for you – try to drink water instead) and also that even being a little overweight can still result in health problems. But a new study, coming out of […]

Healthcare Mingle Jingle – Healthcare and Technology: Discussing the Future

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Healthcare and IT are both really keen and simultaneously reluctant bedfellows. It is well known that there is a huge push towards the use of IT and electronic data in healthcare, highlighted by the push for electronic medical records and of advanced IT systems that can be used to centrally manage […]

The Earbud Epidemic

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A new study shows that one in five Americans, 20%, has some form of hearing loss. That is a huge number and much larger than anyone had previously thought. According to the study, in the Annals of Internal Medicine, that means 48 million Americans hear so poorly that they cannot understand […]