Five Things To Do For Your Health – June

Looking for your 5 Simple Things to Improve Your Health this month? Head over to SFGate for the Doc Gurley Five Things To Do For Your Health This Month – June. You’ll find a tidy, easy-to-accomplish list of simple steps that can make your launch into summer healthier and happier. While you’re there, sign of […]

Moron-o-pausal or Not?

Check out the latest Doc Gurley review of research (unintended) hilarity by reading the SFGate article – Are You Moron-o-pausal? That’s right – researchers have discovered that women do, in fact, experience a brief spell of dumber and dumberer

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whist going through The Change. Buy why? That’s the question Doc […]

A Skewed View of Happiness

Forbes this week covered an important, often neglected topic – who’s happiest? Their article, based on a report from the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, notes that the happiest countries are the Northern European ones. The reasons Forbes gives for this achievement include a higher per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a shorter work-week […]

Now That’s a Mother…

Check out the Doc Gurley article at SFGate – the online version of the San Francisco Chronicle – where she discusses the amazing Mother Wright. Mary Ann Wright was a woman who was “right” is so many ways – a true everyday hero of our times. In the article, you’ll find not only a celebration […]

Well Worth It: A Giggle

Welcome to another Well Worth It – articles about proven, data-driven studies that you may not hear much about in

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the main-stream media (usually because of a lack of profit-driven PR). Be sure to forward the Well Worth It information along to anyone you think might benefit!

If you’re […]

Treat Your Work-Stress

An unfortunate side-effect of the recession is that more and more people are feeling “trapped” in jobs. Why is this so –

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shouldn’t a person just be grateful they still have a paying job? Well, fewer jobs are available (none in some fields) and even if another position is possible, […]