Milpitas earthquake 4.1 wake-up call: did you hear it?

Did you feel it? That gentle nudge (4.1 on the Richter scale) today? It was a cosmic snooze button going off (yet again) to remind you to get up and throw together that earthquake kit for yourself and those you love. So did you hit the Sleep button and roll back over into deep, unconscious […]

Breast cancer survivors: Am I cured yet?

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October has become so synonymous with Breast Cancer Awareness month that it’s almost a total pink-out. Signs, stores, and even scarves urge us to stamp out breast cancer. And following on October’s (high) heels this year was the Mammogram Media-Monstrosity (for a bullet-sized version, check out #9 in the Doc Gurley […]

Feeling A Tad Stressed?

If the holidays are making you feel as though your energy stores are being rapidly depleted, head over to Doc Gurley’s column at SFGate, Health for the Holidays: The 6 R’s of Self Care, for a 6-point, practical plan on how you can de-stress and improve your self-care this season. Because, let’s face it, […]

9 Ways Docs (including this one!) Stay Healthy While Traveling

Check out the Doc Gurley SFGate article on this topic, bursting with tips on how you and your loved ones can stay

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healthy this holiday season. H1N1, food-borne illnesses, falling behind on your exercise, deep-vein thromboses, “staycation” issues – it’s ALL covered in this comprehensive round-up of practical health advice. Feel free […]

Hospitals and Debt Collectors – Two Extremes

Two articles (in a series of three articles) by Doc Gurley over at SFGate have now appeared. They are an expose into the world of hospitals and debt collection policies. Medical debt collection is a nasty underbelly of hospital practices in the U.S. – and, for those without government-sponsored healthcare (such as Medicare and Medicaid) […]

Most Of Us Don’t Get Enough

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Sleep – that is. Nowadays everyone is pushing their limits even though it is well known that it is important for health. The common wisdom is that eight hours a night is what you want. Studies galore support the notion that at least seven hours a night are the right amount. […]