Corey Haim, prescription drug abuse and you

Prescription drug abuse has exploded in the last few years. Rush Limbaugh is perhaps the most famous person to become addicted to them, and commit crimes to obtain them. Corey Haim may (or may not) be the latest in a too-frequent series of celebrities-who-died-too-young from drugs that were obtained from a dealer with an M.D. […]

Chile (and Haiti, and Katrina…): Preparedness lessons for you and me

We’ve entered a new arena of horror – where our Richter scale, for the first time, doesn’t seem to reach high enough, and adjectives are crumbling under the impact. “Devastation” or “catastrophe”? None of the usual descriptors feel powerful enough.

So as punched-gut news of another urban area implosion reaches you today, this one from […]

Dating Post Diagnosis: 6 Practical Tips

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When Avatar-esque aliens finally descend on us from another multi-verse, they will undoubtedly believe that Valentine’s Day celebrates the mating rituals of the svelte, the pristine, the adored, and the orthodontially flawless. In other words, we take a day to honor sex lives of the Photoshopped. Because that’s what you see […]

Lost Tampon Chronicles

See, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, so is this column going to be all-Haiti, all the time?

Well, no. After all, health and wellth wait for no human. When the tides of symptoms start to rise, you have to grab whatever life preserver might help.

And so, while I’m in the stage of […]

ACL injury, lung cancer, TV = death, and free classes for your health! A Get Wellth Round-up

What’s Get Wellth? Get Wellth winners* are health resources and/or study results that meet the strict Doc Gurley criteria: cheap (hey, what’s cheaper than free?), simple to get/do, proven effective, of high quality and with minimal-to-no side effects. All great, right?

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First up – it’s sadly all too common […]

Vitamin D Dose Myths – 6 Fun Factoids

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As the mountain of vitamin D research (showing its importance) grows to Everest heights, you may be wondering about some statements that are thrown around as “truth.” Here are some fun vitamin D myths to pass along (by email, twitter or facebook) to friends, family and loved ones, because, when it […]