Lock ‘Em Up! News From The Fourth World

Third World conditions in a First World country? That’s what we here at Doc Gurley call The Fourth

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World. Here’s some news from this far-off (and yet so up-close) land:

A new, well-designed study shows that we may not have emptied the state’s locked psychiatric facilities of the past (remember One […]

Homeless Gift Guide Video!

Time to sip a little hot cider, put the old dogs up, lean back and let the Doc Gurley high-velocity-contortionist-shopping team take you on a whirlwind tour of the best Treats for the Streets! With real-time, gold medal caliber performance-gifting (and a guest judge commentator!). Let the holiday mood take you!


Doc Gurley Second Annual Homeless Gift Guide

Ahh, there’s nothing more fun, or easier, than shopping for holiday gifts for the homeless (rub palms

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together with glee). And believe me, this kind of statement is strong praise indeed, coming from someone with a near-lethal shopping allergy (hey, I’ve been tempted to put it in my medical […]

5 Reasons To Give A Gift To A Homeless Person

So it’s 11 days to Hanukkah, 2 weeks to Christmas, 15 days to Kwanzaa. Welcome to the first of three related

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posts – here are the top five reasons to give at least one personal gift to a homeless person this holiday season:

#5) No one’s easier to buy for. It’s the […]

Dying Of Hunger In America: News From The Fourth World

Welcome to our first edition of News From The Fourth World. So what do we here at Doc Gurley mean by “the Fourth World”? It’s a world you see and deal with every day – maybe when you go downtown, maybe when you’re on vacation, or maybe right on the sidewalk in front of your […]