Do YOU Have A Necklace of Sizzling Brown Fat?

Whoa! Weird and wonderful medical news this week! The New England Journal of Medicine published three

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simultaneous reports proving the existence of a veritable Loch Ness monster of physiology – the identification, at long last, of “brown fat” in adults. Say what? See, the conventional wisdom for many many years […]

Power to the Uninsured!

There’s a great article today talking about the uninsured’s perceived lack of political power. Much of what the article

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says feels true – I can certainly attest that people who lack health insurance often see it as a shameful thing – a statement about their own failures instead of […]

Part II: A Modest Proposal

Money, money, money – it’s all you hear about in the news. A billion here, a trillion there. Before you know it, we’re

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talking serious bonus. The Huffington Post published an article about how smokers are good for the economy. Since they die so conveniently young, smokers save taxpayers a […]

Part I: Could You Just Die Already?

Ah, the demons of cost -effectiveness have reared their snake-writhing heads again. Now don’t get me wrong – Doc

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Gurley has actually done some cost-effectiveness research in her day: here and here. That experience taught her that people who do this type of research for a living (not all of them, but […]

Who’s Profiting From Your Health?

Should your basic healthcare be non-profit? And is that even a major consideration? I mean, after all, isn’t “profit” a good

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motivation for a healthcare plan? This issue came to the forefront of a PBS documentary about healthcare around the world – and apparently got the person who made the documentary cut […]

CodeBlog Grand Rounds

It’s that time of week again! Head on over to CodeBlog for a round-up of the best of the healthcare blogosphere. This

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week’s host is a Tales of a Nurse site – with an ICU nurse host and a behind-the-scene look at healthcare. After you’ve gotten your weekly grand rounds […]