H1N1/Swine Flu Scams

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Even the mainstream media is noticing the swine flu scams that are cropping up all over the internet. I wrote about some of these and some things that DO work over on my City Brights column in SFGate here. But some of the new scams are truly breathtaking in their absolute […]

Vitamin D associated with better outcomes in melanoma

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A new study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology suggests that Vitamin D levels are linked to the rate and amount of melanoma development. Specifically, people with low levels of Vitamin D get more frequent melanoma lesions and the lesions are thicker and more virulent.

“Although avoiding sunburn is very important […]

Preventing Strokes Also Helps Prevent Dementia

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A recent British study that analyzed results from over 7,500 patients in a series of previous studies has revealed evidence that suggests the prevention of further strokes after a first stroke may also help to prevent dementia. Specifically the study suggests that subsequent strokes after a first stroke increase […]

Obama’s Speech: What’s an internist to do?

I’ve been watching the healthcare reform debate from a distance, like all doctors. It was a brilliant stroke of genius on the part of both Republicans and Democrats (when they undertook the job of changing all of healthcare) to do so without the input of any practicing physicians. I’m very glad about this – it […]

Most Of Us Don’t Get Enough

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Sleep – that is. Nowadays everyone is pushing their limits even though it is well known that it is important for health. The common wisdom is that eight hours a night is what you want. Studies galore support the notion that at least seven hours a night are the right amount. […]

H1N1 Vaccine Tests Underway

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There has been a lot of rumor and gossip about H1N1 vaccine’s that are going to be used without testing – but the rumors are just that. In fact human trials are just starting for vaccines with four different companies testing vaccines. The tests and approvals have been fast […]