Penis Size and Condom Size – does one size fit all?

The BBC reports that Indian men have smaller penises. Smaller than international condom standards, that is. A two-year study in India of 1,200 men, measuring the length and breadth of their penises, found that 60% of men had penises that were between 3 and 5 centimeters smaller than international condom standards. There were already studies […]

What’s missing in the California legalize marijuana initiative?

SO what do I know about this issue? As the physician and City public health administrator tasked with the initial implementation of Proposition 215 (legalizing medical marijuana) – I learned a lot.

On the data side, I compiled every bit of published research about marijuana (positive and negative) from the previous thirty years, researching every […]

Healthcare Consummated…

We met cute. Classic Hollywood. America caught a glimpse of healthcare reform about a year ago – but only in passing, a little flirtatious hair-toss. Couldn’t really see anything, veiled and shadowy, but God did she look great. The bling-sparkle smile, the whole package, man, some people stampeded without another thought. There she was, the […]

Obesity Antibiotics: Should your weight determine the drugs you get?

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Doctors have called for a new approach to antibiotic dosing – one that is based on your weight. The rationale is that obesity, traditionally, has been regarded – pharmacologically speaking – as a rare phenomenon. The authors in the Lancet argue (in a classic science journal well, duh moment) that obesity […]

Start the Year in Grand Style

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Grand Rounds is up! The first of 2010, and the 327th in the series, it’s hosted with definitely GRAND style by none other than the wonderful Nick Genes at Blogborygmi. The best, the quirkiest, the most practical of health-writing in the blogosphere – there’s something for everyone. My favorite? […]

Hello? It’s your phone, saying you’re drunk…

Here’s a nifty product that fills a social need: it’s a FREE app that calculates when or if you should drive. While you may think the idea is hokey (or a big “no duh”), it’s biggest draw is that it’s fun to use, even in a crowd at a bar. What could be better than […]