Flu and you: Science-based practical tips

There is now good data looking at the impact of humidity, temperature and UV rays on the survival of flu particles. Why did it take so long for these studies to be done? There’s an interesting bit of science history behind that question. It seems that there have been very few experiments looking at flu […]

Million dollar lies and the surgeons who tell them

Is it just me, or have stories about doctors behaving badly become so commonplace that it feels like we need a new, amped-up phrase. Something that would better encapsulate the orgy of vile behavior that reflects poorly on the rest of my profession, thereby costing us all a chunk of our self-respect. Maybe something lighthearted? […]

The San Bruno Blast: Let’s call it a N.E.W. Day

The San Bruno blast sure puts a lot in perspective, doesn’t it? If you, too, are tired of the frenzy over Quran-burning threats and counter threats, maybe the tragedy of this blast got you, like me, painfully re-focused on the people who lived and died on 9-11. The people who were victims and the workers […]

Go To Haiti With Doc Gurley!

Doc Gurley is going back to Haiti in October and this is your chance to go with her! If you are a medical or related professional who would love to spend a week in Haiti helping deliver medical aid and relief then get in touch with Dr Enoch Choi – enochchoi at gmail dot com […]

Do YOU Live In A Food Desert?

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First, it was the opening of a Kroger in East Oakland. Now it’s the announcement that Tesco’s Fresh and Easy is heading to the Bayview. What exactly, you may be asking yourself, makes these stories major headline news?

And why is a doctor spending time writing about grocery stores too?

Turns […]

Typhoid Mamey Strikes

Another in a sobering series of food-borne outbreaks is recognized. This time, Typhoid Mamey was identified as the cause of smoothie (and milkshake) induced episodes of life-threatening typhoid fever here in California, as well as in Nevada.

Why the big alert, if only a few cases have been identified? First, typhoid is a serious infection. […]