Last week at the Health 2.0 conference I got the chance to talk with Sean Nolan of Microsoft about the work the company is doing in information technology for healthcare and electronic medical records and other related fields. Microsoft has created a technology called HealthVault and you can find more about it here:

And […]

Haiti: Arriving in Gonaives

Pulling into Gonaives on our bone-rattling Pumpkin- bus was like entering a maze. We turned down dirt roads walled by concrete, single lanes where we could see a home rising block by block just above the wall. All I could think was whether this home, one day, would collapse on someone.

The single-lane dirt road […]

Health 2.0: Can you game your way to health?

In the intersection of online communities and health, Health 2.0 focused a session on behavior change. With so many of our chronic diseases due to lifestyle choices, online communities and tools hold the promise to help people make small, hard, and sustained incremental steps. The session reviewed some recent approaches, and online tools, and the […]

Are You A Patient 2.0?

How would you define the experience of truly engaging in healthcare issues online? For Regina Holliday , that moment was when her husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer. She found ePatient Dave online, and within hours he responded to her with information, referrals and advice on navigating an unresponsive system. Her husband, unfortunately, became sicker […]

Anna Nicole Smith trial: Should addicts hurt?

Wondering what the big deal is with the Anna Nicole Smith trial? Hey, she died of an overdose, right? Who are they gonna charge for that? And how is it her doctors are saying 1,500 pills doesn’t mean she’s an addict. Sheesh, right?

Let’s play the game of You’re The Doc. Here are four scenarios […]

Are you in Crisis mode yet? Why not?

Today is Crisis Camp, just in time for the Great California Shakeout of 10.21.10. So what is Crisis Camp? And why should YOU be in Crisis mode too?

Crisis Camp is a global, organized, volunteer approach to creating a Crisis in a Box – tools and plans for dealing with disaster. The world over, techies […]