5 Tips to Avoid Seasonal Scratchiness

The furnace kicks on and right afterward your life becomes a misery – dry eyes plague you, dry skin leaves you feeling itchy and grumpy, and seasonal eczema patches blossom over your upper arms and thighs. These are symptoms that can torture you, but usually aren’t a high healthcare priority when you see your doctor, […]

Five Things To Do For Your Health This Month: November

Fall is settling in, and November is a good time to assess this year’s health harvest. How are you doing compared to last year? Here are some tips for simple ways to improve your health this month:

1) Vote: You may think that taking the time to vote has nothing to do with your health. […]

Halloween Health

It’s about the time for our annual frightfest – darkness will soon settle over us. Wails and shrieks will fill the air (and that’s just the moms wrestling kids into costumes). Here is a short checklist of practical healthy Halloween tips:

1) Visibility. This one’s a trick-y (ahem) subject with, oddly enough, older kids. Young […]

A Silver Lining In The Silver Lining…

Here’s a nice data-review in the Harvard Health News about the role of optimism and health. This article is a good summary of several large studies on whether having a better outlook on life can help your health. It is a long article (four online dense pages), so here, for all you Doc Gurley readers, […]

Five Things To Do For Your Health This Month: September

1) Assess: Labor Day is a great annual reminder of the value of work, and also a chance to evaluate the impact your work is having on your health. If you’re the classic office-drone, here are some things to evaluate and adjust, before they can cause some miserable health problems – is your space ergonomic? […]

Smacking and Farting

Gum and Guts: Here’s a nice review of studies showing that smacking sugarless gum after bowel surgery aids in the return of gut-function. For those of you who’ve survived gut-surgery, you already know that one of the more surreal aspects of the experience is the post-op early morning routine. There you are, groggy and slightly […]