Male scientists claim to have created sperm. Men the world over are left wondering, um, dude, haven’t I been doing this for years – like 400 million a pop?  In a move that calls to mind the worst of Victorian horror-novels gone awry, British scientists used embryos to “create” what they say are actual sperm. Well, sort of sperm. Mostly like sperm.

Okay, let’s just say they’re sperm-ish. See, other scientists have pointed out that these do not appear to be functional,

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's Monster
Image via Wikipedia

actual sperm, any more than Frankenstein was a sophisticated, urbane party-goer (admit it, those neck wing-nuts and plateau forehead stitches were definitely gauche).

Does this mean that men are now obsolete? Jerry Seinfeld might say that this could be the ultimate example of male thinking – to spend years making something you could easily produce with only 10 minutes and a reliable internet connection…

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