Time To Blawg…

It’s Grand Rounds today over at the HealthBlawg – David Harlow’s master oeuvre of all things law and health (and policy and reimbursement and retail clinics and…whew…). In other words, it’s a goldmine of informed discussions about the cutting-edge world of healthcare law/policy. Check out Grand Rounds to see the best of the blogosphere, then stay and poke around the site. My recent favorite post is the succinct, insightful overview of the government’s newly-released-for-public-comment

SAN FRANCISCO - FEBRUARY 26: A doctor wears a ...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

DRG monstrosity, titled “Federales Sucker Punch the Hospital Industry.” Eye-opening and chilling, the article is a must-read – AND how many people can sum up the implications of a 608-page DRG horror-document (which, BTW, will affect us all) in a single post? Enjoy!

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