Patch That Poop!

This nifty news falls into the category of “Things We Wish We Had Right Now As We Go Through Customs.” Researchers are developing a vaccine for toxic E. Coli diarrhea, otherwise known as traveler’s diarrhea. What makes this vaccine really swift is that it’s a patch you apply to your skin. Look Ma, no needles! While the toxic E. Coli vaccine is not-yet-ready-for-prime-time in terms of testing, the patch vaccine so far seems to work, making this the (ahem) perfect patch of pre-poop protection. Who would have thunk it? I have only two requests for these innovative researchers (what? moi? A diva?). One – hurry. And two- please, please don’t make the patch that creepy “flesh” (read: rubbery pseudo-Caucasian) color. Could we have a kicky fuschia, instead?

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