Settle in For A Great Read…

A CuppaAll you need is a cup of tea! This week’s Grand Rounds of the best of the health blogosphere is at Women’s Health News. Ms. Walden did the kind of witty, clear, and compelling summary that only a medical librarian (instead of we mere mortals) could hope to achieve. The bar has been set high! This week’s offerings include such gems as a Yiddish Guide for Nurses, and an unexpectedly tastefully done comparison between a patient and, well, zombies. There are also touching essays, like one on a loved one dying of pancreatic cancer, as well as techie issues such as Web 2.0 for medicine. If you like this week’s Grand Rounds, be sure to also check out some of Ms. Walden’s other quality work at Women’s Health News, as well as her other site, Our Bodies Our Blog. Accurate health information, excellent writing, entertainment – what more could you want?

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