Grab Yer Feedbag!

sandwich.jpgThe sun is peeking out, buds are swelling and maybe you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed at getting your life in order during this time of seasonal renewal. Well, there’s one surefire, easy, effective way to address our universal longing for health and vitality–grab yer feedbag! The thorough folks at the Cochrane review put together an assessment of all studies looking at the impact of eating whole grain foods on preventing (usually obesity-related) type II diabetes. The results (even though we need better studies) are all, as a New Jersey guy would say after taking the toothpick out of his mouth, looking good, baby. Whole grains (think chewy and brown) are proven to keep you feeling full longer, to reduce the grains.jpgspikes of insulin we all get after eating refined (oh, how I hate that word with all its positive implications) sugars/grains and to protect against other ills, like colon cancer. Even one serving of whole grain a day has been shown to have a profound impact, especially in some populations at higher risk of diabetes, such as African Americans. So what’s the downside? Hmmm, let’s think. Chewing more? Now that’s a daily workout I can live with…

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